How Our Tunes Improve Performance

Our tuning service uses Diablosport products to improve the performance of your vehicle.  As experienced tuners with in depth experience of all of the major handheld programmer brands, we can honestly say that Diablosport is without a doubt the best programmer company on the market today with the most finely tuned programming we have seen.  Using the Diablo Tune as a base for your vehicle, we tweak many other parameters that will improve performance above and beyond the Diablo Tune.  In addition, our Stage 2 and Stage 3 tunes use datalogs from your vehicle to go one step further and fine tune your engine calibrations for your specific vehicle the same way that would be done on a Dyno Tune.  Please continue reading below for additional information on how we are able to improve the performance of your vehicle.

Engine Performance

Your engine computer works by taking input from different sensors in order to dispense the correct amount of fuel and ignite the air/fuel mixture at the correct time.  


The mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air coming into the engine and the computer uses the calibration for that sensor to decide how much fuel the fuel injector should inject into the cylinder for optimal air/fuel ratios.  Since all engines perform slightly different due to manufacturing tolerances and wear, the computer uses data from the oxygen sensor in the exhaust to determine how accurate the air/fuel ratio actually was and will then make changes to the fueling to compensate for this.  However, there are many conditions that cause the computer to no longer use feedback from the oxygen sensor (including wide open throttle) which means that if the fueling calibration is incorrect, your vehicle will not compensate and you will therefore be losing out on huge amounts of potential power.  Our Stage 1 tune optimizes the commanded air/fuel ratios during wide open throttle for more power.  In addition to this, our Stage 2 and Stage 3 tunes also use datalogs from your vehicle to remap the fueling calibration to ensure your engine's air/fuel ratio is accurate at all times.

The next most important part of engine performance is spark timing, which can be defined at what part of the engine stroke that the spark plug fires to ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion cylinder.  The exact timing of this makes huge differences to both efficiency and power and getting this optimized is important to getting the most out of your engine.  The more that spark timing is advanced, the more power and efficiency you will get from the engine.  However, too much advance will cause pre-detonation which will kill that power and can cause harm to your engine.  To prevent this from happening, most vehicles are equipped with knock sensors that can sense this pre-detonation.  When the computer receives input from this sensor, it will retard the spark timing.  However, this feature always overcompensates how much timing to remove.  Knock retard is a normal thing that even brand new cars with no modifications experience, because the vehicle manufacturers want to push the spark timing as high as possible for better power and efficiency.  Our Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes modify the specific way pre-detonation affects the spark timing retard, to prevent overcompensation.  In addition to this, our Stage 3 tune uses datalogs from your vehicle to add spark timing where safe to do so and removes spark timing where pre-detonation is occurring.  This dials your spark timing in perfectly for your specific vehicle to optimize performance and efficiency and prevent engine damage from occurring.

Transmission Performance

All of our GM tunes include improved transmission performance on vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.  You'll experience smoother and faster shifting, which will reduce friction and heat in your transmission, extending the life of your transmission.  


You'll also have the choice of improved TM (torque management) settings.  Torque management was implemented by vehicle manufacturers to decrease wear on driveline parts by decreasing power during shifting.  While this is a good thing for durability, it greatly decreases performance.  Diablosport reduces torque management in their tunes, but our custom tuning service gives you the choice to return these settings to stock for maximized durability, or remove torque management completely for maximized performance.  For an additional fee, we can provide you with tunes that include all three options (Stock level TM, Diablo Tune level TM, Removed TM).

Electronic engine controls have greatly changed the way our vehicles perform, in a great way.  Instead of only being able to make a few tweaks, we can now change hundreds of parameters to make our cars run and perform exactly the way we want them to.  The manufacturers create a general tune to be used on every model manufactured and they need to create that tune to create desireable driving characteristics in all situations, including when vehicles have been neglected or poor quality fuel has been used.  However, if you've made it to this website you are not the typical driver.  Instead you are looking for more out of your vehicle and you treat it well.  Our custom tunes are created for people like you in mind, who want more from their vehicle to enhance their driving experience.

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